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Top VB.Net FAQ, Mostly asked Questions – Part 2

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13. Which window shows the variables in the current line and three lines on either side of the current line while in break mode?

1. Watch Window

2. Autos Window

3. Locals Window

4. Output Window

14. What is GAC?

1. Global Assembly Cache

2. Global Administrative Class

3. General Arithmetic Class

4. None of the above

15. Which of the following is Correct Statement?

1. Dot Net Supports Multiple Inheritance

2. Dot Net is Operating System Independent

3. ASP.NET is a part of .NET Framework

4. All the above

16. What is MSIL?

1. Micro Software Interpreter Language

2. MicroSoft Intermediate Language

3. Many Sites In Line

4. None of the above

17. Which of the following datatype is not present in VB.NET

1. Integer

2. Float

3. Unsigned integer

4. None of the above

18. True or False

1. Multiple Inheritence cannot be implemented in VB.NET


19. The following code is used to square a number. The code also adds 1 to th number before squaring it. What is the value of x after the SquareIt function is called?

Public Sub Main()

Dim x As Int32 = 5



End Sub

Private Function SquareIt(ByVal Num As Int32) As Int32

Num += 1

Return Num * Num

End Function

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 36


20. You need to create an array that has its size entered by the user when executing the application. Which line of code allows this?

1. Dim myArray() = New Array(5)

2. Dim myArray() As Int16 = {6, 4, 7, 3}

3. Dim myArray() As Int16 = New Array(iNumOfElements)

4. Dim myArray() As Int16 = Array.CreateInstance(GetType(Int16), _


21. Which of the following lines is a valid destructor for a class?

1. Public Sub Finalize()

2. Public Sub Terminate()

3. Protected Overrides Sub Finalize()

4. Overrides Sub Finalize()

22. What keyword is used to allow derived classes to modify a property or method?

1. AllowChanges

2. Overridable

3. Overloadable

4. Shadows

23. What is the extension of the file created by the resgen.exe utility?

1. Dll

2. resources

3. netmodule

4. None of the above

24. What utility is used to create a private/public key pair?

1. Vbc

2. al

3. sn

4. ipconfig

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