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Top VB.Net FAQ, Mostly asked Questions – Part 1


1. Which is not a valid Access Specifier in VB.NET

1. Friend

2. Protected

3. Internal

4. Protected Friend

2. When exactly the Garbage Collector collects the Unused objects memory?

1. Immediately after the Object goes out of the scope

2. We can not exactly determine

3. After reference count reaches to 0

4. None of the above

3. Which of the following is a not a component of .NET Frame Work

1. CLR

2. CLS

3. GC

4. MTS

4. To which Type does the String Data type belongs to?

1. Reference Type

2. Value Type

3. Both

4. None of the above

5. What is boxing?

1. Converting Value Type to Reference Type

2. Converting Reference type to Value Type

3. Both

4. None of the above

6. What form Property do you use to set background colour of a form?

1. BackGround

2. BackGroundColor

3. FormColor

4. BackColor

7. you have added a button to your form. Which property you can use to change the text displayed on the button in VB.NET.

1. Caption

2. Text

3. Name

4. Label

8. What functionality does the Anchor Property serve?

1. Allows the developer to programatically Anchors the Control to Another Form.

2. Determines whether an Anchor Icon is displayed by the Control

3. Gets or Sets the Edges of the Control are anchored to the edges of its container.

4. None of the Above

9. What menu is commonly used to display a Popup menu when the user right clicks on a control or region of the screen?

1. ControlMenu

2. ContextMenu

3. PopUpMenu

4. MainMenu

10. Which property determines the Order in which controls receives the focus on a form in VB.NET?

1. TabOrder

2. TabIndex

3. Z-Order

4. TabStop

11. Which event for a TextBox Control Class is best suited for validating User Input?

1. LostFocus

2. MouseLeave

3. Validating

4. Leave

12. Which method of the Help Class is used to display the contents of a Help File?

1. ShowHelp

2. ShowPopup

3. ShowHelpIndex

4. Load.

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